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The ball is the biggest thing - it goes straight, longer, it's hard to shape, it goes through the wind better. I've spoken to older players like Hale Irwin and Tom Lehman about it. Why not wind the ball back a bit, by five or seven percent. Then again, will that hurt the shorter players because the courses might stay the same length? In terms of a rule…Jack Nicklaus has talked for years about being able to drop out of fairway divots. It cost me a shot in North Carolina this year - a beautiful drive, 295 metres down the middle, and I end up in a foot long divot filled with sand. There's nothing worse and it can be soul destroying for amateurs. How has the pandemic affected golf and what is the state of the sport? Numbers in the States have gone up…it is something people could do during the pandemic.


Andy Radka (right) with his daughter Isabella (left) and motorsport legend, Greg Murphy. The drivers and their parents/guardian move through ten stations at a racetrack circuit, with each using hands-on techniques to fine-tune their knowledge. Central District Highway Patrol Supervisor Sergeant Mike Tarttelin supported a course last week (6 October) at Manfeild Circuit in Feilding and says the youth treat the track like a road. “Conducting a 3T gives the driver the experience of being stopped by Police and the ability to ask any questions and address any fear or anxiety,” says Mike. “It’s also a great opportunity to get in front of the teens and their parents and talk to them about road safety and put a name and a face to what we deal with.  “The biggest value I think is the opportunity to experience situations in a controlled environment, especially ABS braking – a lot of drivers have never had to break suddenly at speed and giving the teens the experience of doing it can help make them more confident and know what to do if my site they are faced with that situation.” Over 1600 young drivers have experienced the course since its launch and New Zealand professional racing car driver Greg Murphy is the Programme Ambassador. Programme Director Hayden Dickason says the course takes place in safe and controlled environments, under the watchful eye of qualified coaches (local driving instructors), who pass on what they have learnt from their many years of experience. “While our venues are racetrack circuits, there is no racing involved. Everything is conducted under normal road rules and conditions and supported by our invaluable volunteers and driving instructors,” says Hayden. “We are a charitable trust and participants pay a fee to attend the course, but it is heavily subsidised. We don’t have to advertise the courses very often as we get a lot of referrals through word of mouth, which is really a testament to the success of the programme.  “Youth and their parents come from all over and at Feilding we had people attend the course from the likes of Wellington. The feedback we get from the parents is 100 percent positive. We are the only programme in the country that involves parents/guardians and they learn things as well.